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Urban exploration (often shortened as UEurbex and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and, although it may sometimes involve trespassing onto private property, this is not always the case. Urban exploration may also be referred to as draining (a specific form of urban exploration where storm drains or sewers are explored), urban spelunkingurban rock climbingurban caving, or building hacking.

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Nowadays we are using Sony Alpha 7 II and III cameras for photographing, and YI4K+ action cameras for videos. See more on the About Us page.

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The location of 1000+ amazing Urbex sites worldwide. Hovering the location icons íou will find extra information such as how to enter the site, what to be aware of. Plus extra walkthrough paths of 100+ Urbex Tours. The map is being upgraded almost weekly. Every site has got icons, and our Urbex Rating stars.

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Example map with walkthrough path:

Our Urbex Map

The Urbex Club’s Tour Overview Map